The Reoccurring and Baffling Case of the Unscheduled Court Hearings & Subsequent Bench Warrants Issued Thereupon

Last week, I wrote about an Occupier whose charges—previously not pursued—were suddenly resurrected at an unannounced hearing. Had it not been for the fact that several other occupiers happened to be in the courtroom on the day of the unscheduled hearing when they heard their friend’s name called, that Occupier would now be facing several bench warrants for failure to appear.

It turns out that other Occupiers weren’t so lucky. Though its not yet confirmed, two other Occupiers who were arrested at OGP today, may have experienced the same scenario, but without the benefit or luck of having friends who happened to be in courtroom on the day the day of their mystery hearing. Both Occupiers were told, according to witnesses to the arrests, that they were being arrested for warrants—at least one was told that it was a bench warrant for failure to appear.

I’ll update this as soon as I’ve got more information.


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